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The vision of Jenna Friesen Designs is to utilize landscape design and CG rendering skills to connect people -- to people, to history, to the environment, to design concepts, and more.


Our mission is to create enjoyable, unique, and ecologically appropriate outdoor spaces through a collaborative design process with residential and commercial clients, architects, engineers, and other design professionals.  We desire to work with clients to understand their vision, a process which often helps them understand their vision themselves.  Our work is creative, professional, and concept-driven.  


Our philosophy at Jenna Friesen Designs is that landscape designers and architects are connectors.  We find connections, create connections, are connections. We connect spaces and places - to their history, to people, to nature. We connect people with opportunities to learn and explore, to connect with the environment, with community, and more. 

Landscape professionals connect form and function, and ecology, too. We want people to know and interact with their environment. We also want to create places where people can know and interact with each other. Whether you need a residential landscape design, a memorial design, a park or plaza design, landscape designers will help create a setting that draws people in and reinforces the purpose of the space - whether that purpose is social, restful, full of activity, commercial, residential, or memorial. 

Connections bridge gaps, link ideas, unify goals, inspire the unexpected, and fuel the creation of a bigger and better whole. Connect with Jenna Friesen Designs to see how we can collaborate on your project!

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Company Profile

In 2010, Jenna Friesen moved from Pennsylvania to Central Oregon.  Leaving all things familiar, she began learning a whole new ecology and lifestyle in the high desert, enjoying the journey of growing in knowledge of local flora and sustainability practices.

With a degree in landscape architecture from Rutgers University, Jenna began offering landscape design and CG rendering services to clients in Central Oregon, Pennsylvania, and on a volunteer basis with Engineering Ministries International.  Now with 9 years of experience, her clientele includes residential homeowners, landscape contractors, engineers, architects, and local corporations.

Jenna’s desire is to work with clients to understand their vision for using their site, and to design beautiful, functional spaces that fulfill that vision, enabling people to connect with the outdoors.

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