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Landscape Design is the heart of Jenna Friesen Designs.  We are experienced in a wide variety of landscape design, including residential and corporate master planning, planting design, pathway design, parks, and memorials and plazas.

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We will respond to your inquiry with questions about your project, your vision, your goals, and your budget. A time will be arranged to meet, see your site, and investigate your vision more closely.  After this initial meeting and site analysis, a project proposal and cost estimate will be developed.  Most often,  two or three design package options are proposed, ranging from a single, simple design to the total design experience, which involves a number of site design options that are refined and combined according to input from you along the journey to finalizing your design.  Design packages may include:

  • Graphic Site Master Plan - including planting design and schedule, deck and hardscape design, landscape materials
  • Installation Cost Estimate
  • Self-Install Options - including planting design and schedule, "how-to" guidance for planting and care, layout and dimensioning, cost estimate
  • Design Board - a collage of images presenting the plants and materials chosen for your design, as well as any inspirational images, to convey the look and feel of the final design
  • Planting Design Booklet - containing images and detailed information about your plants
  • Perspective and Plan View Sketches - including any diagrams or supplementary graphic information necessary to communicate the design options, including visualizing how your site design will change with the seasons
  • CG Rendering - 3D computer models to help you visualize your site design, including images and video

Once a design package is chosen and a contract established, we begin the fun of designing and watching your vision unfold!  Project schedules vary according to project size, but typically range from 4-8 weeks from the start of designing until the final product is in your hands. 


  • Conceptual Phased Master Plans
  • Preparation of Full Drawing Sets, including context maps, diagrams, and product image pages
  • Planting Design
  • CG Rendering

Work can be contract-based or performed hourly as needed.  Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your project!